642 - 6/09 - Paris MOU - Mandatory Expanded Inspection - Europe

The Association would like to remind its Members about the concept of Mandatory Expanded Inspections (MEI's) which aim to target "high risk ships".

Each high risk ship should have an expanded inspection every 12 months by an EU member of the Paris MOU. EU directive 2001/106/EC adopted the idea of MEI's and the legislation came into force in July 2003. Since this time MEI directive has been incorporated into the Paris MOU on port state control and as a result will apply to all member states (EU and non-EU).

Despite this legislation being in force for almost six years most people have heard very little about it, however a number of cases have arisen lately which suggest that it may be enforced more rigorously in times to come. Those ships deemed to be "high risk" are,

1. Oil tankers over 15 years old and over 3,000GT

2. Gas and chemical tankers over ten years old

3. Bulk Carriers over 12 years old

4. Passenger ships over 15 years old (excluding those covered by the EU Ferry Directive).

If a ship is classed as "high risk" it is the Owner and Masters responsibility to notify the next port if it is more than twelve months since the vessel was last given an expanded inspection by a Port State Control Officer in the Paris MOU region.

The Owners/Master/Agent should notify the next port three days before the vessels arrival or when departing from the previous port if it less than three days away. The following link can be used to gain more information on this subject and also download forms and contact addresses to be used when notifying ports.

Paris MOU - Mandatory Expanded Inspection

Failing to report a vessel's eligibility for inspection is an offence and the vessel will be inspected at the earliest opportunity which may result in a delay, the vessel may also be required to pay a penalty fine.

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Paris MOU



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