643 - 6/09 - Supply of MSDS - Worldwide


The Association would like to inform its members that the Marine Safety Committee (MSC) of the IMO has adopted guidelines for the supply of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to ships carrying MARPOL Annex I type cargo in bulk or fuel oil, prior to loading.

This requirement will apply to tankers and all other vessels bunkering fuel oil. Although in most cases the MSDS will be supplied to the vessel by the shipper/bunker supplier, owners should be aware of the requirements and prepared for when it enters into force on 1 July 2009.

The MSDS aims to provide seafarers and others involved with the operation of the potential hazards associated with that particular type of cargo or fuel. Each MSDS will provide clear and accurate information on the effects of the substance on health and the environment.

The following link provides a copy of the draft resolution which outlines the requirements for MSDS as well as listing the substances covered by MARPOL Annex I, the Association advises that time is taken to read this information and be familiar with the items that will appear on these sheets.

Recommendations for Material Safety Data Sheets

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International Maritime Organisation



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