658 - 10/09 - Measures to ease congestion - Algeria


The Association would like to inform its Members of efforts being made by the Ministry of Transport in Algeria to ease congestion in the nation's ports.

Due to large congestion problems experienced recently in Algerian ports, new measures have been introduced this month which aim to provide a "fluidity of maritime traffic". Vessels carrying steel re-bars, wood, cars and non-containerised cargoes will not be allowed to discharge in the port of Algiers and will subsequently be re-routed.

Under new requirements car carriers will discharge at the ports of Mostaganem and Ghazaouet whilst all other re-routed vessels carrying cargoes such as re-bars, wood and grains will discharge in one of the following ports; Oran, Mostaganem, Ghazaouet, Bejaia or Skikda. The decision to impose these measures was taken following severe delays and congestion in the countries major ports. These problems lead to expensive insurance premiums, congestion charges and large demurrage payments.

The Association would advise its Members to consider the current situation carefully before sending a vessel to Algeria and contact local agents or correspondents for further advice on which ports are to be used during discharge and the current waiting times in each port.

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Neffous Shipping and Consulting



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