675 - 01/10 - Failure to Collect Cargo Problems - Ukraine

The Association has recently faced problems in the Ukraine with consignees failing to collect cargo. The following advice, on the matter, has been received from the Club's correspondent in Odessa.

Container lines often face a problem of the delay or failure of consignees to collect cargoes. Due to the recent financial crisis more Ukrainian consignees have become unable to pay and their goods remain stuffed in the containers. At present 400 to 500 containers, with uncollected goods, occupy storage space in the container terminals of Odessa Port.

According to the provisions of most bills of lading if the Consignee fails to take delivery of the goods within a certain period of time (usually - 30 days) from the date of expiry of agreed storage time the Carrier may sell, destroy or dispose of the goods and apply any proceeds of sale in reduction of the sums due to him from the cargo owner.


Staff Author