678 - 02/10 - Mooring Incidents - Worldwide


The Association has recently become aware of an increasing number of mooring incidents involving non-deck crew and cadets. Mooring is a dangerous part of a vessel's operation but can be done safely when those involved are properly trained, supervised and follow the correct procedures.

The Association has previously published an LP News article entitled

"Understanding Mooring Incidents"

which can be downloaded using the link above. The article illustrates that the trend for mooring incidents has increased over the past ten years. Accordingly, the Association wishes to once again draw attention to those measures which may prevent such incidents.

All persons participating in mooring operations should be properly trained. Those not familiar with mooring operations are often at risk because they do not appreciate the dangers involved. Where a person is being trained, or is new to mooring operations, they should be supervised by a competent person. Sufficient crew should be in attendance to carry out the operation safely and to allow for adequate supervision.

Any personnel not directly involved in the operation should be instructed to leave the mooring area. It may be tempting for crew to come on deck to the mooring area when arriving in a new port or casting off, but this should be strictly prohibited.


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