681 - 02/10 - Sewage Water Fines - Georgia


The Association would like to inform Members of the increasing number fines in Georgia relating to sewage water treatment facilities and procedures.

Vessels in Georgia will be inspected as per standard procedure by Black Sea pollution inspectors who will carry out an inspection as per MARPOL requirements. The inspection will usually cover garbage and ballast management, oil record books and an inspection of the machinery spaces. It is quite common for a vessel to be identified as having deficiencies relating to the operation and maintenance of the sewage treatment equipment.

If deficiencies are noted the inspectors will take a sample of the sewage water, detain the vessel, extract the relevant documents and log book entries before issuing the vessel with a fine. The fine issued is initially a set fee of 65,000 GEL (Georgian Lari) which is approximately US$40,000, on top of this amount the cost of environmental loss or cleanup fees maybe added. The Clubs local correspondents note that it is impossible to avoid or reduce this fine even if the alleged pollution is nominal.

The most common problems picked up on by inspectors in Georgia are;

· Improper or lack of use of disinfection tablets/solution

· Lack of records relating to the treatment of water

· Planned maintenance issues.

The Association would advise Members to ensure that the appropriate procedures and practices relating to sewage treatment are in place, all maintenance records are available to be used as evidence and that all equipment is fully functional prior to entering Georgian waters.

Source of information:

Geomar Co.Ltd.



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