683 - 03/10 - Fumigation - Worldwide

The Association would like to remind Members of the hazards associated with fumigation following a recent incident.

Fumigation is a procedure that is used worldwide to eradicate pests that infest cargoes, warehouses, ships and other spaces. The idea behind fumigation is that an environment is created that will kill off any live infestation.

A recent incident occurred onboard a vessel entered with the Club where a crew member died following the fumigation of a cargo of barley with aluminium phosphine. The cargo was fumigated by a recognised company, but the fumigant migrated into the accommodation and several of the crew reported symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Sadly, one of them died later the same day.

It is important that owners, operators and those onboard the vessel are aware of the hazards associated with fumigation as well as the procedures that should be followed to ensure it is conducted safely.

The Clubs Carefully to Carry committee has produced a detailed article on fumigation which can be

found below


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Loss Prevention Dept



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