687 - 04/10 - New Port State Control Directive - UK

The Association would like to advise Members about the implementation of the new EU Port State Control directive 2009/16 in the UK. The new EU directive came into force in June 2009 but will not be incorporated into UK law until 1st January 2011.

This new directive will incorporate the Paris MOU New Inspection Regime (NIR) which will bring about significant changes in the way ships are targeted in member states. The key purpose of the NIR is to take a risk based approach to PSC targeting, with the aim of eliminating substandard shipping. This will be achieved by frequently targeting high-risk ships whilst reducing the inspections on low-risk ships.

Some of the key points of the directive, incorporating the NIR are listed below.

· Ships will be targeted based upon a risk profile which will take into account the type of ship, age, company performance, previous deficiencies and detentions.

· High risk ships will be due inspections every 5 - 6 months, standard risk ships every 10 - 12 months and low-risk ships every 24 - 36 months.

· Additional inspections may be carried out between the above mentioned intervals due to unexpected factors such as reports from pilots, collisions, groundings etc.

· The type of inspection will depend on the ship's risk profile; the minimum for a high risk ship will be an expanded inspection.

· Ships requiring an expanded inspection must give 72 hours notice, prior to arrival.

In order to be a low risk ship, the flag state must be on the Paris MOU white list and have undergone the Voluntary IMO Member State Audit Scheme. To maintain the low risk status a vessel must have no more than 5 deficiencies during any one inspection and no detention recorded in the preceding three years.

For further information, please refer to

Marine Information Note (MIN) 380 (M)

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Maritime and Coastguard Agency



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