698 - 06/10 - Asian Gypsy Moth Update - North America


The Association would like to update Members on the current situation regarding Asian Gypsy Moths (AGM) in North America.

A circular was recently released by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the United States Department of Agriculture concerning AGM and action taken against infested ships. Infested vessels arriving in the United States and Canada are often ordered into international waters to avoid the risk of spreading. This can lead to significant delays and be costly to the ship owner.

Ships will not be allowed to load or discharge until they are fully free from any form of AGM. Due to North American coordination, vessels will not be able to simply divert to other US, Canadian or Mexican ports.

The circular strongly recommends that vessels calling at ports in eastern Russia, Japan, Korea and northern China during designated flight periods (June until September) should either

(1) obtain a certificate stating that the vessel is free of AGM (only available in Russian and participating Japanese ports),

(2) perform a comprehensive self inspection well in advance of arrival at Canadian and US ports. By 2012 it is expected that Korea and China will have certification systems in place. However, until that time vessels entering US and Canada will be subject to an intensive inspection. Vessels with a certificate will be allowed to enter port without delay.

Bulletin 629 was produced in March 2009 and deals with the practical precautions to be taken by Members to guard against a vessel becoming infested with moths and their eggs. In this bulletin it is possible to download the Pocket Guide which gives details of how to check the vessel.

Source of information:

Loss Prevention Department



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