705 - 7/10 - Defective Lifebuoys - Worldwide

The Association has been informed that the Swedish Transport Agency has found serious defects in the Altura series of lifebuoys produced by Veleria S Giorgio.

The lifebuoys in question have a small 15mm hole under the reflective tape which can fill with water. Veleria S Giorgio have provided instructions for testing this range of lifebuoy which are re-produced below.

1. Weigh the lifebuoy.

2. Remove one of the four reflective tapes covering the hole.

3. Check if the lifebuoy is full of foam material.

4. If the lifebuoy is not full of foam material, put it in water for a few minutes to let water inside the lifebuoy.

5. Weigh the lifebuoy for a second time and compare this result with the first one. The difference should not exceed 400gr.

In the case of a higher difference, the lifebuoy should be removed from service and replaced.

Members are advised to check lifebuoys and carry out the above test where necessary, Defective lifebuoys may be returned to the supplier.

Source of information:

Veleria S Giorgio, E-mail:



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