706 - 07/10 - Area to be avoided - Washington - USA


The Association would like to remind Members of the AREA TO BE AVOIDED (ATBA) off the Washington coast.

A Member of the Association was recently notified by the United States Coast Guard that one of their vessels transited the International Maritime Organization (IMO) designated ATBA along the Northern Coast of Washington.

This Bulletin serves to remind Members of the ATBA when entering or exiting the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The ATBA applies to all ships and barges carrying cargoes of oil or hazardous materials, as well as all ships of 1600 gross tons and above. The United States Coast Guard has issued a


, which contains all of the relevant information regarding this Area. Please pass this to any vessels which may be transiting this area.

Source of information:

George Radu, Thomas Miller (Americas) Inc



Staff Author