708 - 07/10 - Pipeline explosion update - Dalian - China


Following Bulletin 707, the Association has received a further update from its correspondent in Dalian.

"Clean-up Operation

According to the press conference held by Dalian municipal government on July 26th, the oil spill has been all removed and the slick has basically been cleaned; the contamination has not spread to international waters or the Bohai Sea.

The authorities had mobilized 800 fishing boats together with specialist clean-up vessels, using dispersants, absorbents and oil-eating bacteria to clean up the more than 180 square kilometer slick caused by leakage of 1,500 metric tons of heavy crude oil.

The officials further advised, the focus of clean-up operation would be shifted from sea to the shoreline and quay, with input of cleaning force being maintained.

Terminal Operation

Terminals returned to normal since July 20th. On July 25th, Dalian reopened two berths at its Xingang oil terminal, each able to dock 150,000 dead weight tonnage tankers and 80,000 dwt vessels, as is stated by Dalian Port Co. to Hongkong stock exchange market. 1

Our Observation

The oil slicks at the anchorage and channels have been removed, however it has been noted the clean-up operation around COSCO shipyard and Dalian Xingang terminal hasn't been finished yet. Oil slicks at berths have been cleaned, but thin oil layer can still be observed so that the vessel probably would found some oil stains on the hull if she stays longer than ten hours.

Currently, before allowing port clearance, MSA will inspect the vessels to ascertain there are no oil stains on the hull."

Source of Information:

Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd,



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