709 - 07/10 - Damage Stability CIC - Europe

The Association would like to advise Members about the concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) to be carried out by Paris MOU.

The CIC will aim to verify correct damage stability onboard tankers, chemical tankers and gas carriers. The CIC has been set up following past inspections that showed a number of tankers were sailing when not complying with damage stability requirements or had no way of assessing damage stability.

The campaign will last three months, starting on 1 September 2010, in practice every tanker inspected within the Paris MOU region will have its stability book and other related documentation checked to ensure compliance with appropriate regulations.

The questionnaire to be used by inspectors can be found by clicking on the link below.


Depending on the situation, action taken once a deficiency has been noticed will vary from recording a deficiency to detaining the vessel until all deficiencies have been rectified.

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Paris MOU,



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