710 - 08/10 - Iron ore exports banned - India

The Association would like to advise Members that iron ore exports from the Indian state of Karnataka have been banned.

The Indian government placed the ban on iron ore exports from ports in the state of Karnataka although the area's largest port, New Mangalore remains open. Karnataka is one of the largest iron ore export states in India and the ban could have a significant affect on shipping in the region.

The ban has been imposed in an effort to cut down on illegal mining and tax evasion. The following list shows a number of bulletins produced by the Association in recent months, covering a range of issues associated with iron ore in India.

• Bulletin 660 - 10/09 - Iron Ore Fines Loading Issues - India

• Bulletin 695 - 5/2010 - Iron Ore Fines Update - India

• Bulletin 702 - 6/2010 - Iron Ore Imports - China

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