722 - 10/10 - Whale activity update - USA

Following Bulletin 718 concerning whale activity off the coast of California, the Association would like to inform Members of restrictions imposed by the NOAA Fisheries Service as part of its Seasonal Management programme along the US East Coast.

Restrictions imposed by the NOAA require vessels to proceed at 10 knots or less in restricted areas during specific times of the year. These restrictions apply to all vessels of 65ft (19.8m) or greater in length.

Vessels are allowed to operate at speeds greater than 10kts, if necessary to maintain a safe manoeuvring speed in areas where conditions severely restrict manoeuvrability. Any deviation from the speed restriction should be entered in the logbook.

An information leaflet is attached to this bulletin which details the restricted areas advising the date when they are in force. Restrictions will apply from November until April in the areas designated as "Migratory Routes" and "Calving and Nursery Grounds", full details and coordinates can be found on page 2 of the attached document.

Source of information: Robert Shababb

Thomas Miller (Americas)



Staff Author