NEWS - Heavy Rainfall - S.America

Torrential rainfall that has caused tragic landslides thought to have claimed the lives of up to 50 Columbians are having knock-on effects to ports in the area.

The heaviest rains in four decades are swelling port waters and are causing major disruption.

The Port Authority of Barranquilla, Columbia issued warnings regarding its conditions in its port due to the unseasonable heavy rainfall. Three vessels ran aground last month owing to the remarkably strong current produced as run off water makes its way out to sea.

Barranquilla Harbour Authority has been prompted into taking action. Emergency measures include the re-location of the pilot boarding ground and restricting the entry of vessels capable of less than 10 knots.

This warning follows similar warnings issued by neighbouring Venezuela at the beginning of the month when a state of emergency was declared in three of its northern states also owing to the extreme rainfall.

Staff Author