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A selection of issues from North America. USCG - Mauritania removed from US risk list

The US Coast Guard issued an advisory stating that the Islamic Republic of Mauritania has been determined to be maintaining effective anti-terrorism measures in its ports. It has therefore been removed from the list of countries with regard to which conditions of entry have been imposed on vessels arriving to the United States there from. Port Security Advisory (2-11) (4/5/11). Note: The advisory includes a current list of countries that have not been determined by the US Coast Guard as maintaining effective anti-terrorism measures in their ports.

USCG - Improvements to mariner medical evaluations processing

The US Coast Guard National Maritime Center (NMC) issued a

Medical Update Bulletin

providing information on recent actions within the Mariner Medical Evaluations Division to improve customer service. The NMC has assigned a full-time, on-call government medical evaluator to receive calls from mariners and their physicians regarding their submitted applications.

The number of permanent government medical screeners, evaluators, and reviewers has been increased. A new medical services contract has been awarded. Adjustments have been made to medical screening procedures.

USCG - Compliance verification of alternative security programs

The US Coast Guard issued a policy letter providing guidance to marine and facility inspectors for the conduct of Alternative Security Program (ASP) compliance inspections.

CG-543 Policy Letter 11-04

Northern California

- Expansion of security zones

The US Coast Guard is expanding from 100 yards to 500 yards the radius of the security zones around tankers, cruise ships, and high value assets (HVAs) while underway on the navigable waters of San Francisco Bay, Delta Ports, Monterey Bay, and Humboldt Bay in northern California. The changes come into effect on May 16.

76 Fed. Reg. 20843

Washington State

- protection of killer whales

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) promulgated regulations to prohibit vessels from approaching within 200 yards of killer whales and from positioning vessels in the path of killer whales in inland waters of Washington State. The regulations come into effect on May 16.

76 Fed. Reg. 20870

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