773 - 07/11 - Port Health Control - Brazil


The Club has been advised that Brazilian port health authorities, ANVISA, have become rigorous in the inspections of vessels in Rio de Janeiro and São Francisco do Sul with regard to Air-conditioning systems & the Control of Specimens of Synanthropic Fauna Harmful to Health.

Articles 60, 61 & 79 ~ 81 (Resolution 72, of 29 DEC 2009) are provided below for guidance. Additionally ANVISA are asking for certificates of compliance with what is foreseen in articles 61 and 80. These resolutions translated read as follows:


Section V

Of the System of Air-conditioning

Article 60. The components of the system of air-conditioning of the vessel must be kept in good conditions of the maintenance, operation, control, and cleaning.

  1. The compartment where the mixing chamber of return air and renewal air shall be for the exclusive use of the system of air-conditioning, and the presence, in these compartments, of any materials, products and tools is prohibited.
  2. After the completion of procedures for cleaning and disinfection of the system of air-conditioning, solid dirt must be packed in bags of resistant material and adequate porosity.
  3. The capitation inlets of external air should be protected from possible sources of pollution, by providing them with filters, whose action must occur before the completion of the mixture of external air and return air.

Article 61. The spreadsheets of the maintenance, operation, cleaning and disinfection of equipment for air-conditioning, as well as the reports of the quality of the air, must be submitted to the appropriate health authority, when requested.

Read more in the attached bulletin.


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