778 - 08/11 - Washington State Vessel Emergency Reporting Requirements - USA


The Department of Ecology of the State of Washington has instituted new rules effective July 22, 2011 requiring vessel operators to notify the Department of Ecology of any vessel emergency that results in the discharge of oil or the threat of a discharge of oil within 1 hour of the incident. We strongly urge Members to take notice of the new law and ensure all vessels are equipped with the contact information for the Emergency Management Division (EMD) 1-800-258-5990.

Session Law ESHB 1186 became effective in Washington State July 22, 2011. Section 8 of 1186 deals with notification requirements.

Also of note is the provision increasing the Washington State per gallon oil spill liabilities. Details of this and the notification requirements are found in the amendment to the Revised Code of Washington 88.46.100 (“RCW 88.46.100”).

The full text of this Session Law is appended to this Bulletin and can be found on the UK Club’s website at the following web address: www.ukpandi.com/loss-prevention

Section 8 of the regulation detailing the reporting requirements is reproduced below for convenience.


Sec. 8. RCW 88.46.100 and 2000 c 69 s 10 are each amended to read as follows:

Regarding a vessel emergency, the owner or operator of a covered vessel must notify the state of any vessel emergency that results in the discharge or substantial threat of discharge of oil to state waters or that may affect the natural resources of the state within one hour of the onset of that emergency. The purpose of this notification is to

enable the department to coordinate with the vessel operator, contingency plan holder, and the United States coast guard to protect the public health, welfare, and natural resources of the state and to ensure all reasonable spill preparedness and response measures are in place prior to a spill occurring.


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George Radu

UK P&I Club, San Francisco



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