782 - 09/11 - Mill Scale / Mill Scale Fines - Worldwide

Improvements in iron extraction processes have made steel producers take a second look at what they do with Mill Scale which is the by product of the steel making process.  Mill Scale is not a common commodity to carriers and while is may not be covered by any steel industry code of practice it is covered by the marine industry IMSBC Code requirements. It should however be no surprise that as a commodity much likened to iron ore fines it is liable to liquefaction.

Mill Scale is formed during the steel making process as a means of providing a protective coating on hot rolled steel. During further processing the scale has to be removed and this process creates flakes of iron oxide. It is these flakes of Mill Scale that are being increasingly traded as a bulk cargo. While Mill Scale is deliberately formed in steel mills, it is treated as a waste product once it has been flaked off. Recycling this product has become possible due to changes in iron production methods as it can be mixed with other iron sources in smelters as well as with lower grade ores prior to shipping.

Mill Scale is traded effectively in the same manner as primary mined iron ore fines.


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