799 - 12/11 - Global Sulphur Limit Reduction - Worldwide


MARPOL Annex VI reduction programme takes another step next year as the global sulphur limit for marine fuels reduces to 3.50%

As part of the International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) program to reduce the global SOx content of marine fuels (Regulation 14 of MARPOL Annex VI) the global limit of sulphur content in marine fuels shall not exceed 3.50%. This effort to reduce the sulphurous oxides emitted by ships will come into force as of 1 January 2012.

IMO member nations are beginning to issue circulars. The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA Singapore) recently issued a circular to all shipping interests stating that the absolute sulphur content of bunker fuel must not exceed 3.50%.

The Club would like to bring to the attention of its Members that an infringement in this area (i.e. fuel oil found on board in excess of 3.50% after 1 Jan 2012) will inevitably lead to fines levied by Port State Control authorities.

Furthermore, recovery from any bunker supplier could be a costly and drawn out affair. These fines would be in addition to the operational consequences of having unusable bunker fuel onboard.

Members are advised to keep full and proper records on board of all bunkering operations including details of when, and from where, samples were taken and to whom the samples were given.

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