LP NEWS - Port of Thailand, Bangkok resumption of normal service


The Club has received notice through its correspondent that the Port of Thailand, (Bangkok) has resumed normal service.

Reference is made to the Notice of the Port Authority of Thailand, dated October 25, 2011 under the subject “Temporary Cessation of Discharging of Cargoes and Containers at Bangkok Port” which has been effective as from October 27, 2011.

Due to the fact that the flood crisis has occurred in several provinces of Thailand including Bangkok and other flood-affected areas in the vicinity since August 2011 and eventually has affected extensive loss and damage to industrial estates and the country economy as a whole, Bangkok Port, therefore, has to accommodate a large number of overtime cargoes and container which causes inconvenient and unsafe services.

Recently Bangkok Port’s customers have cooperated in moving some cargoes and containers out of Bangkok Port’s customs fence, resulting the increase of areas for accommodating cargoes and containers. In addition, the Port Authority of Thailand has closely monitored and followed up the situation of high sea tides and a large amount of run-off water from submerged northern and central parts of Thailand towards the Chao Phraya River.

Moreover, the action plan for flood prevention within the Bangkok Port’s customs fence has been stipulated. After due consideration, the Port Authority of Thailand is confident that it is able to control the flood situation. Furthermore, considering the inconvenience of the inspection of import cargoes that has caused for the public officers concerned as well as an increase of transportation costs which has caused by the fact that the discharging of cargoes and containers does not match the port of destination.

Please see attached circular issued by the Director General, Port Authority of Thailand.


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