NEWS - Radioactive ballast sampling - Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco has introduced a new practice of sampling ballast water of hydrocarbon tankers that have had one of their last visits to Japan. This action is in line with Saudi Aramco aims to protect the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea from the introduction of radioactive contaminated ballast water affected by the Fukushima nuclear accident on the eastern coast of Japan.

Tankers that have loaded ballast water at Japanese or other adversely affected port must change ballast water en route to entering the Arabian Gulf or Red Sea.

Accordingly, Saudi Aramco will carry out random sampling of the ballast water for radiometric analysis from ships visiting Saudi Aramco sea ports in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf for loading crude oil or refined products from Saudi Aramco Sea Ports Terminals.

The Saudi Aramco Environmental Protection Department and Research & Development Center have established the necessary screening process and will notify concerned parties if an elevated level of radioactive contamination is detected.

Source: GAC Hot Port News, via INTERTANKO

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