PEME Fact Sheet


This handy fact sheet outlines the benefits and scope fo the UK Club's Pre Employmernt Medical Examination (PEME) programme as well as providing a list of countrieswhere a PEME approved clinc can be found.

The scheme was originally created as a loss prevention initiative by the UK Club in 1996. Our aim is to reduce the volume, and value, of illness and repatriation claims which relate to pre-existing medical conditions. The Club created an enhanced medical examination based on a recognised maritime standard. The Club medical examination is implemented by our approved clinic network established within the major areas of crew recruitment.

Since the start of the Programme, we have undertaken over 250,000 examinations on crew. The clinics who remain at the core of the Programme have an excellent working relationship with the Club and are fully accountable (under contract) to provide a quality medical examination.

Each member who joins the Programme can be assured our approved clinics are stringently vetted and regularly audited by the Club for quality and integrity. The medical examination fee varies depending on the area of recruitment for example in the Philippines the medical costs approx US$90 - US$112 based on content.

The Club pays the examination fee direct to the clinic. The members are subsequently debited for recovery of costs on a quarterly basis. For UK P&I Club members there is no charge for the service. An administration fee is charged for non-UK Club fleets.


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