PEME News - Polyclinic Pro vita ISO creditation


Polyclinic „Pro vita“ is situated in the centre of the city of Rijeka, on the address Trpimirova 2 and it consists of four consulting rooms of occupational medicine, laboratory, two spaces for functional diagnostics, internal, oculistic, psychiatric consulting room and consulting room for gynecologist; psychologist's office, room for psychological testings and waiting room. Our consulting rooms have all the necessary equipment prescribed by the Ministry of health of the Republic of Croatia.

In the spaces for functional diagnostics there are devices for the diagnostics of visual capacities (Ergovisor Elissor), Snellen's tables, Jaeger's tables, Ishihara tables, audiometers and silent chamber, spyrometers and electrocardiographs, treadmill test (exercise electrocardiogram).

In the lab there is a complete equipment necessary for taking samples of body liquids (Vacutainer), appliances for analysis of body liquids (centrifuge, Combilyzer – Human GmbH, etc.), of dry chemistry various tests (for screening of abuse of narcotics and alcohol, Hepatitis B, PSA, etc).

In the consulting room of ophthalmology there is a biomicroscope, cheratometer, fronticometer, Farnsworth D-15 test, computerized visual field test, diaprojector for testing the sharpness of sight, trial frames with the set of trial lenses, Schietz's tonometer, goniscope, stereo-fly test, Ishihara tables and a set of instrumets for minor surgeries.

The internistic consulting room has the equipment for the ultrasound diagnostics of the abdomen and heart and the ambulatory blood pressure monitor.

The ginecologic consulting room has the prescribed instruments for diagnostics with color Doppler sonography.

The consulting room for physical medicine is dislocated and it is situated nearby (across the square).

For all the other consultation visits we have valid contracts of professional collaboration with the Clinical Hospital of Rijeka and the Health Institute Rijeka; for the laboratory services with the Haematological and Biohemical Laboratory Rijeka and the Institute for public health Rijeka. On the grounds of the cited contracts we are capable to perform all the diagnostics and the cure of the patients.

The consulting rooms of occupational medicine before the founding of the clinic have worked in the private practice of occupational medicine from 1993, and from 2003 are included in the polyclinic "Pro vita", which was founded in year 2000 as a consultory institution for the ocupational medicine.

Our specialists of occupational medicine are authorized by the Ministry of health of the Republic of Croatia for preventive health examinations of seamen and have a long-standing experience in the maritime medicine.

Working hours of the polyclinic during the weekdays are from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays according to needs of the users. The processing of the seaman which begins in one day is also terminated on the same day, so the seaman who started the processing between 7 and 10 in the morning gets the certificate about 12 o'clock, if he had started the processing later, ends with the certificate about 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

Of course, this is possible only if all the findings are normal; if there are any irregularities, an additional processing is made, which can last few more days – depending of the pathology which is found.

We would also like to point out that we have the required licence for medical examination of seamen issued by the Ministry of health of Republic Croatia. We are also approved as Seamen's Doctors for seamen signing on Norwegian registered ships since October, 16th 1997, by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate in Oslo, Norway; The UK&PI Club; Belgian and Italian Ministry of Health.

Likewise, we are familiar with the Guidelines for Conducting Pre-sea and Periodic Medical Fitness Examinations for Seafarers ILO/WHO7D.2/1997 and directions issued so far by different shipping directorates in respect of medical examination of seamen.

On September 21, 2001 we received the Certificate of Quality ISO 9001: 2008.



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