The UK P&I Club welcomes a new EHMC DVD on improving safety when mooring ships


The UK P&I Club has applauded the European Harbour Masters' Committee (EHMC) for its release of a new DVD entitled "The Missing Link - Improving the mooring process".

The UK Club has for a long time been very concerned about the number and severity of accidents which occur when ships are under tow or are engaged in mooring alongside. Even fatalities to crew and to shoreside mooring gangs are not rare occurrences while far too many incidents result in injuries that will end a seafarer's or stevedore's career. Despite much publicity regarding the risks, the 'do's and do not's' when working as part of a mooring party, the Club says the claims still keep coming in, often accompanied by horrific photographs.

Over recent years, the Club has analysed the claims it has received in respect of mooring incidents and these pie graphs show some of the results:

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This new DVD has been produced by the EHMC in partnership with, amongst others, the Nautical Institute and the UK Club, which the EHMC says "delivered valuable input and know how". The Nautical Institute will launch the Missing Link in its November issue of Seaways and will dedicate this issue to safe mooring while the UK P&I Club will distribute it directly to vessels as part of its ongoing training programme.

Available on the UK Club's own website is a recent publication on the same subject. This is entitled "Risk Focus: Moorings".

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pdf of Risk Focus: Moorings can be downloaded from and the UK Club's own website

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