813 - 02/12 - Change in mooring Practices - Civitavecchia, Italy

The Club has been advised of changes in mooring practices with regard to double banking at Torrevaldaliga Nord quay in the Port of Civitavecchia. It is now provided that the Local Association of Moorers (Gruppo Ormeggiatori) is in charge of checking the safety of mooring ropes of double banked vessels every 4 hours. The details of these changes are given below.


New text of article 10 of order n. 29/10 of Port Authority of Civitavecchia - Quay Torrevaldaliga Nord

Art. 10 - Double Banking. Further to assessment and forecast of weather conditions, Port Authority may authorize the contemporary double banking of one multipurpose vessel and one panamax vessel.

In order to guarantee safety of mooring/unmooring manoeuvres, contemporary mooring of several multipurpose and post-panamax is not allowed.

In case of double banking as per previous paragraph one, if not provided to the contrary by the Port Authority of Civitavecchia, the Gruppo Ormeggiatori [Local Association of Moorers] shall control the mooring conditions of the two units by the means of regular inspections (every 4 hours); these inspections shall regard, in particular, the crossing of the panamax vessel's stern mooring ropes with the multipurpose vessel's bow mooring ropes; the outcome of the inspections shall be immediately communicated to the Operations Unit of the Port Authority.

If the control shows the need/opportunity of any change to the mooring of one or both vessels in consideration of their safety, the same communication shall be forwarded to the Master in service for the due evaluations and for further communications to the control room/rooms concerned.

In regard with the currency of such inspections, in consideration of the weather conditions in the area, the unloading/loading rate, the length of the vessels concerned and any periods of interruption of port operations (for technical reasons or other), the Port Authority of Civitavecchia may give orders different from those provided at previous paragraph 3.

For the services rendered in accordance with the procedures and times provided at previous paragraphs 3 and 4, exception provided for any previous agreements between the company in charge of mooring operations [Gruppo Ormeggiatori] and/or shipowners of the unit/s concerned, the fees provided at articles 4 and 7 of the order n. 4/2011 dated 07.01.2011 of the Capitaneria di Porto of Civitavecchia shall apply.

In case of double banking to the main quay, at leaving of multipurpose vessels, in order to assure a higher safety of mooring, the Port authority may order the shifting of the panamax unit to the roots of the quay up to the position for single banking.

Civitavecchia, 19.12.2011

Note: Text in italics added with order n. 107/11.


The Club advises any member who intends to carry out these operations to contact their local agent for more information.

Source of Information:

Fabrizio Paratore


Rome, Italy



Staff Author