833 - 07/12 - PSC Concentrated Inspection Campaign: Fire Safety Systems - Worldwide

The Paris and Tokyo MOU associations will jointly launch a concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) focussing on; Fire protection, Fire detection and Fire extinction arrangements on board ships.

The CIC will run for three months, commencing 1 September 2012 and ending on 30 November 2012. The purpose of the campaign is to scrutinise the compliance of Chapter II-2 of the SOLAS convention. The results of the campaign will be analysed and the findings presented to the governing bodies of both the Paris and Tokyo MOUs for submission to the IMO.

During regular port state control inspections, fire safety arrangements, maintenance records and other applicable documentation will be verified in detail for compliance with SOLAS Chapter II-2. A questionnaire covering 12 selected items to assess critical areas of shipboard fire safety will be issued by Port State Control Officers. Areas scrutinised will include documentation, equipment and crew familiarisation.

Any deficiencies found will lead to consequences such as recording the deficiency against the vessel and instructing the Master to take rectifying action, to detaining the vessel until serious breaches have been cleared. Any detentions will be published in the monthly lists on the Paris and Tokyo MOU web sites. For more information visit the Paris or Tokyo MOU websites.

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