838 - 08/12 - Looting - Egypt


The Club has received the following warning from its Correspondents in Egypt. Members trading to the area should take extra care for the time being.

"Due to the present unstable situation in the country as well as the lack of security in the ports/seas, which in turn encourages looters to board vessels, we would strongly advise the following precautionary measures to be taken:

1 Not to leave any Gangways lowered.

2 No permission is to be given to lower the gangway for boarding unless ensuring the identity of the visitors.

3 Earlier notification for expected visitors is quite important.

4 Limited number of visitors.

5 No permission to be given at all for the ship chandlers to board the vessel.

6 Intensive and continuous watch of bridge & deck for any approaching boats.

7 Normal precautions for stowaway prevention to be followed (anchor chain doors and all ship's accesses to be secured).

8 To ensure proper deck lighting throughout night time.

9 To prepare fire hoses to be ready for use."

Source of Information:

Middle East Survey & Control Office




Staff Author