870 - 02/13 - Asian Gypsy Moth Reminder - Worldwide


Following a recent serious infestation of Asian Gypsy Moth egg masses being found by US Authorities in Tacoma, USA it is probably a good time to remind Members that it is approaching the time of year where the issue Asian Gypsy Moths is becoming prevalent again. This bulletin is intended to be a reminder of the current issues, regulations and best practices to take to avoid claims and issues involving the Asian Gypsy Moth.

The Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) is an invasive pest originating in Asia. There are strict controls and regulations in all US, Canadian and Mexican ports concerning the entry of ships with evidence of AGM infestation.

Thorough checks of all ships entering from Asian countries are carried out by authorities and ships may not be allowed into port until the ship is 100% free of AGM.The high risk periods for AGM are June to September, however evidence of AGM has been found at other times during the year and some US ports carry out checks and inspections all year round.

The Club has previously produced the following Bulletins, which contain a wealth of useful information and advice in dealing with the AGM problem:

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Other useful sources of information can be found at the following links:www.aphis.usda.gov/plant_health/plant_pest_info/gypsy_moth/index.shtmlwww.inspection.gc.ca/english/plaveg/pestrava/lymdis/lymdisae.shtml

Source of Information:

UK P&I - Loss Prevention

Email: lossprevention@thomasmiller.com


The full bulletin is available for download in English, Chinese, as well as Simplified Chinese.



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