877 - 03/13 - Airport Security - South Africa


The Club has been advised of recent security incidents in South Arica, where off signing crew members have been detained following inappropriate and improper declarations relating to the contents of their luggage.

In the space of 2 weeks there have been two separate incidents at airports in South Africa where crew members have been detained after they made inappropriate remarks and declarations about weapons, bombs and other items in their luggage.

South Africa, like most other countries, take airport security extremely seriously and airport security personnel do not hesitate to have those in breach of security, for whatever reason, arrested and charged.

In the first incident the crew member was detained for only a short period and, after apologising, was allowed to depart on a later flight. However, a second incident has seen a signing off crew member arrested and detained. He is due to appear in court in two weeks time.

Source of Information:

P&I Associates (Pty) Ltd.

UK P&I Club Correspondent - South Africa



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