897 - 06/13 - Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Coronavirus) - Worldwide


The U.S. Maritime Administration has released a memo relating to a dangerous and toxic virus which originates in the Middle East, with most cases coming from the Arabian Peninsula (Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates).

Fifty-five people have been confirmed to be infected and more than half of the infected people have died. Several cases have also been reported in Italy, France, the UK, and Tunisia. People who have acquired this illness have either travelled to the Arabian Peninsula or come into close contact with a sick person who has travelled to that area.

At this time, there are no travel or trade restrictions issued by the Center for Disease Control ("CDC") or U.S. Department of State, but note that the master of a foreign flag ship destined for a U.S. port must immediately report the death or illness among passengers or crew to the nearest Quarantine Station pursuant to 42 CFR Part 71.21. This is a serious disease and may have the potential of generating crew or passenger claims.

Source of Information:

Robert B. Fisher, Jr - Chaffe McCall

UK P&I Club Correspondent

New Orleans - Louisiana

The full document is available for download below in English, Chinese and Simplified Chinese.


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