900 - 07/13 - Maritime Labour Convention Entry into Force- Worldwide


Further to previous updates and Bulletins, this Bulletin is a reminder that the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) will enter force on 20th August 2013 for the 30 countries which ratified the convention on or before 20th August 2012.

The Convention applies to all ships over 500GT (with some exceptions) that are engaged on international voyages and ships flying the flag of a member state which has ratified the convention and operation from a port or between ports in another member state must be certified.

This enforcement date only applies to the first 30 Member States which ratified the Convention. The enforcement date for countries that ratified the Convention after the 20th August 2012, and for countries still to ratify, will be 12 months after the date of ratification. The status of ratification and the enforcement date for each country can be found here

All ships visiting a country after the date of enforcement will be subject to inspection by Port State Control against the requirements of Convention.

Members are urged to ensure they are in compliance with the MLC and suggested to prepare the Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC) Part II if the Flag State has not issued the DMLC Part I.

The UK Club has produced several sources of information which may be of aid:


MLC Compliance Guidelines

MLC 2006 Pocket Checklist

Maritime Labour Convention 2006

Source of Information:

Loss Prevention Department

UK P&I Club


The full bulletin is available for download below in English, Chinese and Simplified Chinese.


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