909 - 09/13 - Local Claims Review - Russia/Ukraine

CIS PandI Services, one of the UK Club's Russian and Ukrainian Correspondents has released their annual P&I review, covering a number of issues raised and of concern.

There are three reviews, each covering a different area of CIS coverage - Russian Black Sea Coast, Russian Far East and Ukraine.

The reviews contain articles and reports from CIS cases on the following areas:

Russian Black Sea Coast:

1. Bunkering of vessels transiting Russian ports.

2. Handling of claims occurred in inland waterways of Russian Federation and at peripheral ports of a Russian Black Sea coast.

3. Hydraulic Impact claims.

4. Aspects of safety of carriage of finished steel from China via port of Novorossiysk (import cargo).

Russian Far East:

1. Personal cancer related disability compensation.

2. Charter disputes

3. "Educating" inexperienced parties.

4. Container storage and demurrage disputes

  1. Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC 2006) entered into legal force: new International requirements and Ukrainian national regulations
  2. Customs fine for mis-declaration of bunker onboard of the ships calling at Ukrainian ports.
  3. Personal injury warning: local developments and crew claims settlement.
  4. Cargo operations on the anchorage at Ukrainian ports

The articles cover a wide range of topics which Members may find of us if their vessels are trading in these areas.

The full reviews can be found


(Russian Black Sea),


(Russian Far East) and



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