913 - 09/13 - Port Documentation and Sulphur Checks - Genoa

A Club contact has informed us that vessels calling at the VTE terminal in Genoa will be required to supply additional documentation to the Port Authorities and sulphur content tests will take place.The Club contact reports that vessels will be required to submit the following documentation, and that sulphur content tests may be undertaken on fuel, with fines applicable if the sulphur content is beyond permissible levels.
  •  IOPP

  • Supplement IOPP

  • International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate

  • Engine International Air Pollution Prevention (for vessels build after Jan 2000)

  • Oil Record Book (last three pages)

  • Bunker Receipts (last three)

  • Main Engine Running Hours

Source of information:

Giampaolo Reggio

Hugo Trumpyhtpandi@hugotrumpy.it


Staff Author