Carrying solid bulk cargoes safely


When bulk cargoes shift, liquefy, catch fire or explode as a consequence of poor loading procedures, the consequences can be massive. Ships may capsize, lose stability or sustain severe structural damage. Such happenings enhance the risks - and the occurrence - of death, injury, insurance claims, operational delay and considerable expense. This has prompted the UK P&I Club, Lloyd's Register and Intercargo to produce a pocket guide and checklist for ship's officers and agents who arrange cargoes for loading. Carrying solid bulk cargoes safely: Guidance for crews on the International Solid Bulk Cargoes Code outlines the precautions to be taken before accepting solid bulk cargoes for shipment; sets out procedures for safe loading and carriage and details the primary hazards associated with different types of cargoes. A quick reference checklist and flowchart summarise the steps to be followed. It comes in a laminated flip over format for on-the-spot use and for enhancing awareness among operators, shippers and charters. It is also available for download.


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