943 - 02/14 - High Modulus Synthetic Fibre Mooring Lines - Worldwide


In a joint project, OCIMF and SIGTTO have produced a guide to the purchase of High Modulus Synthetic Fibre mooring lines (HMSF)

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to those involved in the procurement of High Modulus Synthetic Fibre (HMSF) mooring lines.

The guidance is provided with the aim of increasing the understanding of the particular properties of the HMSF mooring lines and to encourage the adoption of improved specifications and quality assurance processes. It should be noted that international standards exist for the construction of HMPE but the standards for Aramid and LCP fibres are very limited. The guidance contained in the document should assist when considering procurement options.

The Guide contains recommendations relating to the scope of procurement specifications and provides brief information on the relevance of the various specified requirements to the mooring line's in-service performance. The guidance has been developed by a working group comprised of representatives from OCIMF and SIGTTO member companies. In addition, rope manufacturers and suppliers, represented by the industry associations Cordage Institute and the European Federation of Rope, Twine and Netting Industries (EUROCORD), have provided valuable technical contributions.

The guide can be found here (OCIMF) or here (SIGTTO)

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