981 - 07/14 - Asian Gypsy Moth - Australia

The Club has been advised that the Australian Department of Agriculture has begun its annual heightened surveillance regime in respect of international vessels arriving in Australia. The program will run from July 15th until October 31st. Vessels arriving from the Far East, Russia, China, South and North Korea and Japan will receive a questionnaire from the Maritime National Co- ordination Centre (MNCC) who will advise if an inspection is necessary. We understand 15 vessels were detected in 2013 with evidence of AGM on board, although none were sent back to sea for additional cleaning. Members are advised to remain vigilant for AGM and help the authorities in early detection. This will help them manage the risk minimise the level of their intervention and avoid delays. Further information can be obtained at:

Source of information UK P&I Club Loss Prevention Dept lossprevention.ukclub@thomasmiller.com


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