986 - 08/14 - Fraudulent PEME Documents - Worldwide

The UK P&I Club PEME team have recently been alerted to a few isolated cases of fraudulent UK P&I Club PEME documents in circulation. 

Entered members' crew have had medicals at clinics which are not approved by the UK P&I Club but they have been provided with the UK P&I Club medical examination form and certificate.

The Managers confirm the issuance of the medical form and certificates by a non-approved clinic/physician without the consent or authority of the Club renders the forms void. Furthermore, the Club medical form and certificates of fitness issued by parties outside of our network are not valid for the intended purpose.

Members are discouraged from hiring crew on the basis of such certificates.

The UK P&I Club PEME medical examination form and certificate is only used by approved clinics and physicians which have been the subject of scrutiny and regular audit by the UK Club. Authenticity of the medical examination can be established by the unique medical record code which is entered on each page of the form and certificate.

Members are requested to ensure manning agents and recruitment partners are aware of the Club requirement that these forms and certificates are only issued by Club approved clinics.

Further information on the UK Club PEME Programme including details on participation and clinics availability in key areas of recruitment can be obtained from Sophia Grant, PEME Programme Director, at

peme.ukclub@thomasmiller.comSource of information




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