1021 - 01/15 - PCS Detentions, Water Mist Systems - USA

The Republic of the Marshall Islands has issued a marine safety advisory regarding some recent PSC Detentions due to issues with water mist systems.

Further to our

Bulletin 883

, we would like emphasise the importance of having all water mist systems fully operational, all the time.

The majority of the detentions regarding the water mist systems on foreign flagged vessels entering US ports were related to the system being in "manual" mode instead of "automatic" mode. In several cases, the water supply valve was found closed, rendering the water mist system "not readily available for immediate use".

The recommendations include paying close attention to valve alignment as well as ensuring that there is adequate labelling reminding the crew on board that critical fixed firefighting equipment must be made available for immediate use. The water mist control panels must be kept in "automatic" mode (and power supply turned "on").

Special attention should be given to verify these settings prior to entering a U.S. port.

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