1022 - 02/15 - Arrest of ships following STS Operations - Angola

The Club has recently been advised of a ship being arrested after an STS operation around 50 miles off Angola.

All vessels engaged in STS operations up to


miles from Angolan coast are required to submit a notification to the Angolan navy.

The notification should include the following details:

• Name and IMO Number of the vessels engaged in the STS operation;

• Estimated date of the STS operation;

• Place; and

• Product name and quantity to be transferred

After the notification is sent, the Angolan navy should confirm its receipt and grant permission for the STS operation. No transfer should commence without approval.

Upon completion of the operation, the vessel (or her Owners or Charterers) must submit a Statement of Facts in respect of the operation to the Navy.

Ships which do not comply risk arrests and heavy fines.

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