1048 - 07/15 - Finger Injuries - Worldwide


The Association has recently seen a spate of finger injuries resulting in full or partial amputations. These were all preventable injuries, which have arisen as a result of human error, in the course of normal working operations.

In most instances, such injuries will result in the need to provide urgent medical assistance ashore, and thereafter, repatriation to continue their recovery at home.

Should a finger injury occur on board, we recommend the following course of action:

• First aid should be applied immediately.

• The Vessel should contact their telemed service about advice on wound cleaning, dressing and infection prevention.

• Contact the Association, who can arrange for the local correspondent to attend in the next port of call; this will ensure prompt medical attention, at an appropriate hospital, prior to their potential repatriation.

We would add that wound care is of utmost importance, given the risk of infection, which can lead to soft tissue damage, which in more extreme circumstances, may spread to other parts of the body.

Whilst human error will always remain a significant factor in these types of injuries, Members may wish to ensure their crew are reminded of the need to adhere to the relevant health and safety procedures on board and use protective clothing, were appropriate.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the People Claims Syndicate (LS3) on


The People Claims Syndicate exclusively handles all P&I/Defence matters relating to crew, stevedores, passengers, stowaways, refugees and third party visitors involving injury, illness, death, drug smuggling, immigration fines, loss of or damage to effects of crew/others and occupational disease.

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Amanda Hastings

People Claims Syndicate (LS3)



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