1062 - 10/15 - Colour Specifications of DDGS Cargo - China

The Association has recently been dealing with claims involving DDGS (Distillers Dried Grains and Solubles) cargo.

DDGS is a high volume animal feed by-product produced predominantly from the ethanol industry. Provided the moisture content and oil is within a specific range, DDGS is not a hazard according to the IMSBC Code. Nevertheless, it is able to self-heat to high temperatures, which can result in deleterious effects on the nutrition and cosmetic appearance of the cargo. Also, depending upon production processes (with the ship's cargo lifting coming from a variety of local producers), there are a range of colours that DDGS can naturally possess from dark brown to pale yellow. Buyers in China appear to have a preference for the pale colour and indeed may specify this on the sales contracts.

Recently, shippers in the USA have been presenting distinctly varying colours of DDGS, including very dark material, intended for offloading in China. Officers are often reassured by shippers and officials during loading - if the darker cargo is noticed - that a range of colours is normal and not a problem. Whilst not necessarily presenting an issue with respect to the nutritional aspects of the cargo, the stark unevenness in coloration is resulting in complaints at outturn in China and cargoes being rejected.

If loading DDGS in USA, members are advised to be vigilant during the loading process and to contact their owners and the Club immediately if any significant differences in cargo colour are observed.

Source of Information

Dr Tim Moss

Brookes Bell

Hong Kong


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