1074 - 01/16 - Bulk Cargo Liquefaction (Reminder) - South East Asia

The Association would like to remind Members of the continuing problems with cargoes prone to liquefaction from South East Asia and, in particular, shipments of nickel ore from Philippines and bauxite from Malaysia.

We have recently received adverse weather reports for some areas in South East Asia. Heavy rains in the region are affecting the stockpiles and increasing the moisture content of the cargoes.

Throughout the years the Club has issued various bulletins and circulars on the issues. We would like to remind our Members of the obligation to notify us in advance if they intend to load nickel ore from ports in Indonesia and Philippines. We would also recommend that the Members inform us if they plan to load bauxite from Malaysia.

The latest report from our local correspondent in Philippines can be found



Source of Informationlossprevention.ukclub@thomasmiller.com


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