1113 - 10/16 - Alert - Wet Nickel Ore Cargo, Surigao - Philippines

The Club has been recently advised of frequent rain in Surigao, Philippines and unsafe, wet nickel ore cargo being presented for loading.

We are aware of a number of ships, currently loading in the area, which are experiencing problems.

We would take this opportunity to urge our Members, which intend to load nickel ore from Philippines, to be extra vigilant.

We would also like to remind them of the Club's mandatory

notification requirements


Source of Information

Loss Prevention


  • Bulletin 1113 - Alert - Wet Nickel Ore Cargo, Suringao - Philippines (65 KB)


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  • Bull 1113 - Chinese version (143 KB)


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  • Bull 1113- Simplified Chinese (110 KB)


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