1120 - 11/16 – Rise of Stowaway Attempts in South African Ports – South Africa

The Club has been recently advised of the strengthening approach of South African Authorities towards stowaways following a recent increase in the number of stowaway attempts in Durban.

Following a number of attempts by stowaways to board vessel in the port of Durban the following advice has been received from the Club Correspondent in Durban:


The authorities in South Africa have adopted a rather robust approach with regard to stowaways following a rise in attacks over the last two months.

The rule in South Africa is as follows:

Should any unlawful person gain access onto a ship in a South African port, the person will automatically be deemed to be a stowaway unless the vessel can provide photographic, video or 3rd party evidence (terminal security) that the stowaway attempted to board the vessel in Durban.


Further to this, the Club Correspondents have issued the attached recommendations for the attention of Members.

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