PEME 20th Anniversary dinner Mumbai

Our PEME team held a 20th Anniversary dinner at the “Ziya” restaurant, Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai on Thursday 3rd November 2016.

The dinner was attended by our medical directors from the four Club approved clinic providers and their spouses:

Dr. V Belani

- Dr. Belani's Blue Shield Medical Clinics, Mumbai and Goa and wife Rouchyka

Dr. M K E Memon

- Kaifak Medicare clinics, Mumbai and wife Salma

Dr. R Singh and Dr. D Barfiwala

- DRSC medical clinics Mumbai

Dr. S Idnani

- Indus Seafarers Health and Welfare Centre, Goa and his wife Corrine

All guests enjoyed a tasting menu of 6 courses in traditional Indian style finished off with a specially made dessert to celebrate 20 years of the PEME Programme.

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