1129 - 05/17 - NYA Special Advisory - Naval Mines off Yemen


NYA International has produced, exclusively for the UK P&I Club, the latest intelligence regarding Naval mines off the coast of Yemen.

NYA International, a leading Global Risk & Crisis Management Consultancy, has produced the attached report exclusively for UK P&I Club Members which details the latest intelligence on the current situation in Yemeni Waters.

The current situation is:

  • A substantial threat from naval mines is present off the western Yemeni coastline - especially in
    the vicinity of Mokha, Al-Hudaydah and Midi
  • Vessels transiting the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait and southern Red Sea should maintain the furthest
    possible distance from the Yemeni coast
  • MBIEDs and naval mines are unlikely to deliberately target commercial shipping in the Red Sea
    and Bab-el-Mandeb Strait though the threat of drifting, acoustic or magnetic contact cannot be

As such, vessels transiting the area should keep a very careful look out and continue to monitor UKMTO, MSHOA Nav Warns and websites for updates.

Source of Information

NYA International


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