Ceniude Lda participate in 1st Portuguese Job Fair and Congress Working on a Ship


Ceniude Lda, a UK Club Crew Health approved clinic in Lisbon, Portugal, recently participated in the 1st Portuguese Job Fair and Congress Working on a Ship.

"Our main objective was to make our health unit and our work known in this important sector, as well as display some of UK Club's remarkable work and raise awareness of several of its campaigns before the Portuguese maritime market" says Humberto Cabral Costa, CEO of Ceniude, who joined the UK Club Crew Health programme in 2014. Humberto was keen to share the clinic's vast experience with the many young people who attended the event in Lisbon.

"We had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of young people and candidates about the reality and the importance of medicals in recruitment process while working in the maritime sector. Thus, our expectations one can say were exceeded, and we saw great interest in getting to know the 'medical component' of the recruitment process, which is so important to guarantee safety and health on board.

"This event was warmly embraced by us, since its initial project, Portugal has had little or no development in the maritime recruitment sector in the last 5 years, therefore one may even say it could be pioneering. Considering the numbers presented by the organisation, we verified that more than 600 visitors participated in this fair, exhausting the place's full capacity, and where there were recruiters to receive more than 200 CV's in one day. The conferences/seminars were also of great importance, since the content and precious information on the recruitment process and working on board a ship offered great insight to future crewmembers.

"We would like to thank the club for its support and above all for entrusting us with the task of being their partner and representative here in Portugal."

For the past 21 years, our Crew Health clinics have performed over 370,000 examinations on crew worldwide, making it one of the UK P&I Club's leading loss prevention initiatives.

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