Plague outbreak - Madagascar


Madagascar has been experiencing a large outbreak of plague affecting major cities and other non-endemic areas since August 2017. Between 1 August and 19 October 2017, a total of 1 297 cases (suspected, probable and confirmed) including 102 deaths (case fatality rate 7.9%) have been reported. Of these, 846 cases (65.2%) were clinically classified as pneumonic plague, 270 (20.8%) were bubonic plague, one case was septicaemic plague, and 180 cases were unspecified (further classification of cases is in process). Of the 846 cases of pulmonary plague, 91 (10.8%) have been confirmed and 407 (48.1%) were probable.

Although there are currently no restrictions on travel or trade to Madagascar, Members are advised to take caution when calling at Madagascan ports. The Club are monitoring the situation and will provide updates as it develops.


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